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It is the adventure in a broad sense that is in the spotlight.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or simply in search of meaning, we highlight nature in all its extraordinary, surprising and unknown aspects.

We enhance human and cultural exchanges through many unique and unusual experiences for responsible and authentic trips.

Closed doors open to offer unique meetings, to discover places inaccessible until now, but, above all, to tell the true history of the country. When the trip is no longer a simple destination but an immersion.

In a process of responsible tourism approach, all of our programs are created by a team of enthusiasts in line with our fundamental values while respecting local popu-lations and their environments.

Our itineraries are private and are designed for adventurers of all levels. They are based on local services as well as the use of recyclable materials.

A return to the essential to touch the soul of the country with your fingertips ... Beyond, where the magic happens!

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