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At Israel My Way, we’re passionate about giving you an insider’s view of this country of contrasts. We want you to experience Israel’s spectacular landscapes, heritage, people, culture, and cuisines during a private journey created especially for you. We offer discerning guests an easy way to coordinate all your Israel travel plans. Israel My Way Is a local travel company and our tour coordinators live in Israel. This means that we have the insights to handcraft the perfect tour, carefully choosing the guides, accommodation, guides, and sites to tell a story of Israel that best speaks to your background and interests. An added bonus is the free-of-charge, 24-hour, in-house concierge, who provides services while you are on the move.

Bespoke Activities

We focus on creating exclusive, private custom-made trips to make each program unique. Here are some of the potential experiences that will linger in your memories for years to come.


Culinary Experiences

Are you ready to indulge your taste buds?

You won’t go hungry in Israel!

Sample hot rosewater milk pudding (sahlab), cheese pastries (knafeh and borekas), freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, fragrant hyssop (zaatar) ground with sesame and sumac, and other local goodies in the souks and marketplaces.

To discover the secrets of local cuisines, attend cooking workshops offered with twists to suit your tastes. If you are looking for home hospitality, nothing compares to a visit to a Druze family, a Bedouin home, or a traditional Shabbat dinner. And for premium dining experiences, we can suggest the best restaurants in locations throughout the country to suit your tastes.


Art and Culture

Encounter the foundations behind Jewish, Druze, Muslim, Christian, Bahai, and Bedouin religious and cultural practices.

Feel the cobblestones under your feel and the textured fabrics of the marketplace, try to identify myriad languages interspersed with local music, smell the intoxicating scents, taste authentic palate pleasers, and observe the colors of local fashions parading against the background of street graffiti.

Museums, art galleries, and exhibitions provide a structured counterpoint to the raw encounter with street artwork and architecture. 



Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

We suggest breathtaking experiences designed to leave their imprint for a lifetime, tailored to your abilities.

Drive an ATV, get ancient dust under your fingernails at an archeological dig, ride a jeep, fly in a helicopter, or clamber aboard a camel to explore desert scenery. Go spelunking, float in a hot air balloon, or hike the streams and wadis of this fascinating land. Explore a water tunnel, rappel from a cliff, climb Masada, or propel yourselves in kayaks and inner tubes in adventures you will never forget.



Are you seeking exposure to the latest groundbreaking inventions and eager to meet larger-than-life personalities? 

Hear the real stories from those who make the news such as a start-up nation entrepreneur or an agronomist on the bleeding edge of farming breakthroughs. Discuss the current political and intellectual issues with a security expert, a settler living in the West Bank, or a Palestinian journalist. Discover what’s happening on the ground from those who know best, in the fields of geology, archeology, fine arts, Kabbala, cuisine, and more. Just tell us your interests and passions, and we will locate the experts.



Are you keen to connect with the heart of city life? 

Explore everything that urban life has to offer, from the clubs and bars that exemplify the hopping nightlife through to less obvious gems of alternative, co-existence, or multi-cultural lifestyles. Your city experiences can run the gamut from the insular world of ultra-religious Bnei Brak to the rarefied air of cosmopolitan Rothschild Boulevard. The commercial and business worlds in Israel are top-notch and accessible, buzzing with creativity and intelligence.



Discover Jewish and Christian legacies in the Holy Land in a personalized tour. Celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah at Masada or the Kotel, or plunge into the waters at a Jordan River baptismal site. As you walk the streets and marketplaces, rub shoulders with the biblical past. Sense the spiritual atmosphere prevailing in Sfat, Bethlehem, the Holy City of Jerusalem, and elsewhere. The revelations of archeological finds await you, whether in world-class museums and exhibits, the Dead Sea scrolls, at ancient Megiddo, in prehistoric caves, Akko, Nazareth, Beit She’an, Caesaria, and Gethsemane. Examine the influences of Roman and Greek culture on history or view the latest revelations in restricted-access sites. Examine a Bahai temple, a mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the countless additional sites of significance to peoples of all religions and faiths that dot the landscapes of this multi-layered country.



Engage with the earth under your feet by hiking the length and breadth of Israel. Plunge into the rivers and streams, the Sea of Galilee, and the Mediterranean. Experience the dry extremes of the desert wadis versus the brisk breezes from the height of the Hermon mountain. Go off the beaten track via ATV, jeep, kayak, helicopter, or camel. Look out from mountain peaks into neighboring countries. Travel the Syro-African rift and the reclaimed Hula valley, discover the influence of kibbutz agriculture on the lay of the land, and dive into the sea to explore the Eilat coral reefs. Israel My Way showcases the astonishing variety of sites, scenery, and attractions that make a visit to Israel so unique.



Israel—the start-up nation—is world-renowned for its technological innovations. Israel My Way can organize private audiences with the faces behind the latest in entrepreneurship, biotech, agrotech, and restoration techniques. Discover the bleeding edge of startups at the Center for Israeli Innovation powered by Taglit-Birthright Israel. See where academia meets innovation at the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Technion–Institute of Technology.


Be active participants in creating the exact tour you want.


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